Our partnership with management teams underpins the success of our investments.

Management Teams

We work with incumbent management teams to help them acquire the businesses they manage. We then work with them to improve and grow those businesses. Where appropriate, we supplement management teams through our network of highly capable executives.

We also work with managers and management teams to acquire new businesses that they may have identified or that we know are for sale.

In all cases, we ensure management teams that we partner with are appropriately incentivised, including through meaningful equity participation.

Business Owners
We’ve worked successfully with a variety of business owners– corporates, individuals, families and professional investors – to achieve an outcome that works for all parties.

We know how disruptive sale processes can be to operating businesses. We aim to minimise that disruption and get to a decision point as efficiently as possible. We also recognise the importance of discretion and confidentiality when assessing opportunities.

We seek to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our network of advisers.

We rely on them to help us assess and conclude our investments, and we also welcome them to introduce us to prospective opportunities.